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Independent, Compliance & Performance Audits

Pension Consulting Services group professionals provide independent audits of pension and employee benefit plans to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards, procedures and contracts. We also review sponsor policies, standards, processes and controls, as well as offer second opinions if needed. Our actuaries have prepared annual valuations for defined benefit plans of all types – in the private and public sectors. In addition, they have experience in modeling defined benefit liabilities and projected funding and pension expense amounts. Along with our economic and asset consultants, we provide projections that are easy to understand, are flexible enough to model different scenarios and include more depth than a normal actuarial projection.

Our audits include assessing professional best practices, evaluating the quality and integrity of pension and employee benefit plan data, testing and analysis of transactions, accounting and reporting, and interviewing key personnel, as well as developing recommendations to correct any non-compliance issues or performance deficiencies. Our actuarial audits provide a full-scale review of assumptions and methods and replication of funding and financial reporting information.

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