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Solvency II & ORSA

As insurers and reinsurers and their subsidiaries continue preparation for Solvency II and ORSA (Solvency II ORSA and NAIC ORSA) compliance, focus must also include ensuring that strategies sustain and optimise global competitive capabilities, and that implementation within subsidiaries is, and remains, in harmony with those strategies.

FTI Consulting Insurance & Investment Management group helps executives and their legal advisers address these imperatives by assessing critical Solvency II and ORSA post-gap-analysis strategies and implementation initiatives. These include governance changes, risk and controls environment, capital management, data quality and controls, data collection, modelling and analysis and compliance and reporting.

Implementing the requirements for Solvency II and ORSA will require management and board resolve, strategic planning and significant time and resource investment throughout the enterprise. Additionally, we believe that Solvency II and ORSA should not be viewed as a regulatory exercise, but instead as a way to strengthen the organisation’s risk quantification, governance, and management and disclosure processes.

Benefits Realised

Our assistance in achieving a thorough and well thought-out implementation helps:

  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Improve rating agency relationships, internal communications and dialogue and external disclosure to stakeholders
  • Leads to more efficient use of capital, lower capital and liquidity requirements, better risk-adjusted-return driven capital deployment and higher returns on equity
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