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iSuite - The Advanced Intelligence & Analytics Platform

iSuite is the secure, scalable and high performance enterprise business intelligence and analytics platform developed by FTI Consulting to overcome barriers to information access and utility. Through iSuite we have successfully delivered outsourced business intelligence, data mining and predictive analytics services to some of the world's largest companies.

Offered under an onsite or outsourced SaaS model, we provide end-to-end solutions to our customers, from gathering and consolidating information from a variety of source systems to transforming the data into robust, user-friendly, actionable analysis and insight.

Our technical proposition is a robust, re-usable and agile business intelligence and analytics platform with best-in-class capabilities, optimised for the system as a whole. iSuite is comprised of five integrated tool sets that facilitate analytics objectives - iTools, iSeg, iTree, iFuzzy and iScore.

Our modular, integrated application architecture provides us with the capabilities to:

  • Securely receive and aggregate data from multiple data source systems
  • Cleanse, organise, augment and store data securely
  • Analyse profiles, hidden patterns and trends within raw data
  • Score customers based on behavioral patterns
  • Derive metrics and key performance indicators for any functional area
  • Leverage domain expertise and the in-built comprehensive library of operational and financial metrics in performing analysis
  • Build analytical models for a variety of financial and operational insights, such as price optimisation, reserve adequacy, risk assessment/quantification, underwriting/claims leakage and liability exposure, portfolio valuation/balancing, customer segmentation/valuation/retention strategies, and fraud detection
  • Interpret results through intuitive visualisation techniques.
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