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Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

The timely capture, integration and analysis of external and internal data/information for enlightened decision making is an essential capability for sustaining competitive edge. Accordingly, the use of business intelligence and predictive analytics is becoming pervasive within leading organisations to achieve greater insight into the future for almost all risk- and opportunity-related decision making across business functions.

Still, there remains a wide gap between those organisations that effectively leverage business intelligence and predictive analytics to full measure and those that are only touching the surface.

The FTI Consulting Insurance & Investment Management group helps clients close any gaps and achieve competitive edge through delivery of iSuite, our advanced tool set that brings together the software, methodologies and expertise needed to cost effectively achieve the full potential of business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Offered under an onsite or outsourced SaaS model, iSuite includes an in-built comprehensive library of operational and financial metrics, and essential capabilities for data capture, mining, analysis, visualisation and reporting. Our team of skilled professionals also use iSuite internally on specific projects for clients, often helping them with data capture/ETL/mining, data model design and specific applications such as statistical modelling and special reporting.

iSuite is used effectively in a variety of large-scale enterprise settings within the banking, insurance and telecom sectors for a number of reasons, including:

  • iSuite conserves valuable resources by reducing the complexity, cost and implementation time as compared with traditional BI/analytic platforms, and by reducing the need for expensive resources to support users and maintain BI/analytic systems.
  • More important, iSuite offers a superior set of user friendly and effective software tools and methodologies that achieve results more quickly and effectively, enabling capabilities such as
    • Churn modelling
    • Contact optimisation analysis
    • Customer profiling and segmentation models
    • Customer life-time value
    • Dashboard solutions and to-the-desk reporting
    • Distribution channel management
    • Financial and operational risk analysis
    • Fraud Detection
    • Performance management
    • Price Optimisation
    • Campaign design
    • Product portfolio analysis
    • Profitability analysis
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