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Actuarial science and advanced analytics are being used more frequently and broadly within organisations to help management assess, understand and address a myriad of increasing risks and exposures. At the same time, clients must be able to quickly identify and take advantage of opportunities. The experienced and qualified actuaries within the Actuarial Practice of FTI Consulting Insurance & Investment Management group help clients — including General, Life and Health insurers, reinsurers, captives, brokers, banks, regulators, investors, corporations and their legal advisers — measure and manage risk and exposure, uncover and quantify opportunities, develop profitable products, optimise financial and operational functions, and support arbitration and litigation matters.

Our Industry Services

Pricing & Ratemaking Services

Providing a full range of pricing services to ensure that rates match your goals… More

Reserve Estimating & Guidance

Developing appropriate reserve levels and ranges of reasonable estimates… More


Assist in performing the modelling function for ratemaking, financial reporting and risk management… More

Reinsurance, Investment Management & Risk Management

Helps reinsurers, insurers, captives, brokers, banks, investors, regulators, investors, corporations… More

Arbitration-Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Our actuaries have helped resolve some of the industry's most high profile insurance-related disputes… More

Appointed Actuary & Statement of Actuarial Opinion

Providing or supporting life, health and general insurance clients with a Statement of Actuarial Opinion… More

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