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Intellectual Property

FTI Consulting helps clients understand and maximise the value of their intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and brands, patents and copyright. We advise in commercial, regulatory, fiscal and dispute-related contexts. Our team regularly act as experts before courts and tribunals in intellectual property infringements, licensing and valuation disputes.

FTI Consulting intellectual property experts combine financial and accounting expertise to advise on the value of intellectual property rights.  We understand both the economic principles and licensing customs and practices relevant to setting or analysing royalty rates and licensing agreements.

We provide IP-related valuation advice for commercial transactions, inter-group transfers and financial reporting purposes. In IP disputes, our experts provide written and oral evidence before various judicial authorities to help determine losses or establish royalty rates.

We employ econometric and benchmark analysis to examine the appropriate level and structure for licence agreements.

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Mark Bezant

Senior Managing Director, EMEA Head of Economic and Financial Consulting