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Energy & Utilities

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FTI Consulting provides a wide array of advisory services that address the strategic, reputational, financial, regulatory and legal needs of energy and utilities clients involved in the production of crude oil, natural gas, refined products, chemicals, coal, electric power, emerging technologies and renewable energy. 

We have extensive experience addressing conflicting regulatory frameworks, energy policy, power industry restructuring, pervasive contractual disputes and litigation. In addition, we furnish strategic communications services across all the disciplines, from capital markets to investor relations.

Our Industry Sectors

Anti-trust/Competition & Market Power

FTI Consulting energy industry professionals have testified in hundreds of matters related to anti-trust/competition investigations, mergers and acquisitions and applications for market-based rates. The firm uses modern industrial organisation theory and sophisticated econometric analysis to define relevant markets and analyse the potential for both horizontal and vertical market potential.

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Competitive Markets & Restructuring

FTI Consulting professionals regularly assist utilities, competitive suppliers and other stakeholders participating in policy debates surrounding competitive restructuring. The firm works to ensure that design choices and market rules are properly structured so that the promised benefits of competition can be fully realised.

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Construction Solutions

Construction solutions experts at FTI Consulting work with energy companies, including oil and gas, regulated utilities and independent power producers, to reduce the risk and improve the cost and schedule performance of their major capital projects. A team of nearly 125 construction professionals — engineers, architects, construction managers and certified public accountants — is strategically positioned throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

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Corporate Finance & Restructuring

The Corporate Finance & Restructuring practice provides financial advisory and turnaround services to management teams, creditors, equity holders and other stakeholders in companies facing financial or operational challenges. The FTI Consulting Corporate Finance & Restructuring practice is the largest in the USA and has been involved in the most significant energy-related matters in recent years. With more than 600 global professionals, the Corporate Finance & Restructuring practice includes chief restructuring officers, certified public accountants, certified turnaround professionals, certified insolvency and restructuring advisors and former energy industry executives.

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Economic Consulting

Economic consulting professionals at FTI Consulting have significant experience in applying economic, financial and managerial principles to business issues specific to the energy industry. The firm helps clients develop strategies that build systematically on their assets and capabilities to exploit opportunities in current and future energy markets.

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Electricity Consulting

FTI Consulting provides strategic and tactical advisory services to established and emerging businesses operating or transacting in the electric power sector. With depth and diversity of expertise and years of practical experience, we help clients minimise risks and maximise deal returns. Clients depend on our understanding of industry issues, market structures, regulatory constraints and business transactions. FTI Consulting serves a diverse set of clients and addresses issues that cover the entire electricity value chain.

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Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Emissions Strategy

Representative engagements undertaken by FTI Consulting on behalf of clients include wind development impact analysis, emissions regulation impact analysis and power plant environmental impact mitigation.

Energy Regulatory & Analytic Services

FTI Consulting offers extensive experience in regulatory development and analysis to the regulated industry and other interested parties. We have both operational and managerial skills within oil and gas companies, as well as comprehensive involvement within government agencies in developing, analysing and drafting regulations.

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Houston Energy Group

Oil and gas companies operate in an environment that is under financial, competitive and regulatory pressure. Operating managements face challenges from conflicting legal and regulatory frameworks, pervasive contractual disputes and high market volatility. FTI Consulting brings expertise in oil and gas industry operations and litigation to companies and their counsel. Our seasoned managers and executives have insights and perspectives gained from years of dispute management, damages analysis, public policy analysis and expert testimony.

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International Arbitration

FTI Consulting has assisted energy companies in all aspects of resolving international claims, including international commercial arbitration, litigation, mini-trials, mediation and conciliation. The firm has represented major US and foreign corporations, as well as foreign state-owned companies, and has particular experience representing clients in Africa, Central Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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Litigation Consulting & Dispute Regulatory Advisory Services

FTI Consulting provides a wide variety of services to energy clients facing major litigation or other “bet the company” disputes. Our professionals have provided testimony before federal, state and international courts, as well as before US federal and state regulatory agencies and Congress. Though often retained as an expert witness, FTI Consulting regularly assists clients on a privileged basis, helping with case strategy and settlement discussions.

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Petroleum & Chemicals

FTI Consulting petroleum and chemicals experts are experienced in addressing issues and challenges confronting the oil, gas, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and related industries today. The firm’s capabilities include litigation and arbitration, with experience in all forms of contract disputes and associated damages analysis. FTI Consulting also provides a full range of business and consulting services, including project evaluation, merger and acquisition support, technoeconomic evaluations, technology management and strategic planning.

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Regulatory Advisory

FTI Consulting energy specialists help clients navigate the complex and continually changing regulatory and legislative landscape. The firm offers expertise in energy economics, regulation and business. We help clients develop regulatory strategies that fulfil customers’ needs and comply with the law. The firm also helps develop energy policy that promotes the goals of restructuring and the benefits of competition.

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Strategic Communications

FTI Consulting helps clients navigate complex issues, from capital markets events, volatility and activist shareholders to rapidly changing legislation and regulation. We also offer counselling on the complexities of managing relationships with the media, as well as key stakeholders. Our strategic advice adds measurable value to individual companies, coalitions or campaigns around critical issues relating to the sector, such as energy security, environmental impact and reduction of carbon footprint, plus realisation of new technologies and renewable energy.

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Transaction Advisory Services

The FTI Consulting transaction advisory services (TAS) team helps corporate and financial investors maximise value in energy acquisitions and divestitures. The TAS team includes approximately 75 dedicated professionals providing financial, tax, market assessments and information technology expertise. Our due diligence experience includes oil and gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), utilities, power plants (coal and gas fired) and alternative energies (ethanol, wind and solar). The TAS team has professionals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

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Transmission Strategy & Infrastructure Development

FTI Consulting helps utilities, generators and merchant transmission companies participate in the ongoing restructuring of the transmission sector. The firm also helps market participants develop transmission infrastructure projects and evaluate the competitive implications of proposed transmission lines.

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